Let's go on a #WeberGrillBrushTour. We'll host a livestream as we cook free samples on two identical grills in stores across the US. One will be cleaned each day with a Weber grill brush, while the other is left untouched. After a couple of days, the untouched grill will be too dirty to cook food on. We'll continue to visit stores with the two grills to promote the effectiveness of the Weber grill brush.
The grill-vac 3000
We'll partner with Dyson to create a concept grill brush, The Grill-Vac 3000. It'll allow grillers to clean even the dirtiest of grills 10x faster while vacuuming up the mess.
We'll launch the collaboration on Kickstarter.
Condiment Line
We’ll invent a condiment line of “unfamiliar flavors” to show our brush owners what they’re missing out on.
Pocket Weber dictionary
During grill-outs at a friend's house, our brush owners may encounter unfamiliar words. To combat the awkwardness of not understanding their friend's pitiful grilling frustrations, we’ll create a pocket-sized Weber dictionary containing unfamiliar grillcabulary.
You're awesome. never change. 
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