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Young Jacques

This is a picture of me before I started my career in advertising.
Look at the happiness and innocence in those cute blue eyes. 
I can safely say I didn't know what I was getting myself into. 

Not as Young Jacques

This is a picture of me as a junior copywriter. 
Now with greenish eyes and quite a bit less innocence.
Older, yet still young at heart.
About me section I totally didn't just ctrl+c ctrl+v from my LinkedIn profile
I live for the creative process that extends from working collaboratively with others on projects, and for the rush of ideas that follows. I love talking people through my ideas to help them understand them and to improve upon them from the feedback that I receive. I write because of a necessity for an ROI on my education as well as the desire to develop ads that people actually want to see. To put it simply,
I Live, I Love, I Write.
I've already been to cannes
Not me, physically. My pitch video I made for JWT Shanghai’s entry has.
In other news
I never though I'd be interesting enough to write about. I suppose I thought wrong.
I love writing self-deprecating jokes. 
I only wish they loved me back
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